05 October 2008


I realize now that I didn't use the superb Wordle online text analysis website properly: my bad! Of course, one should always read the instructions completely and go over the different settings before using any software. The default graph shows only 150 words but this can be changed. Also, one can, for instance, have the words arranged more or less alphabetically: this facilitates finding specific words. Here are the complete settings I'll be using from now on:
  • language:
remove nos.
remove common English words
  • font:
  • layout:
max. words: word count rounded up to the next thousand
prefer alphabetical order
rounder edges
  • color:
a little variance

The following three posts have now been amended with the improved "word clouds":
  • Sarah Palin vs. Joe Biden vs. Glen Ifill (10-2-08)
  • Barack Obama vs. John McCain vs. Jim Lehrer (9-26-08)
  • Michelle Obama vs. Joe Biden vs. Barack Obama vs. Sarah Palin vs. Cindy McCain vs. John McCain (9-4-08)

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