28 October 2008

Winner vs. Loser vs. Winning vs. Losing Worldwide and in the US, the UK and Australia

With the coming US elections only a week away, I compared the Google-popularity of four words that will be on everybody's lips...

As expected, winner and winning were victorious in their respective face-offs. There were some differences too though. Winner had an annual May peak while winning had only one clear peak, in August 2004. I don't have a good explanation for either. Loser and losing also were different in that loser showed outspoken peaks while losing was basically flat. Loser's peaks were not seasonal however. On the other hand, winner and loser were both peaking but not at the same time or in any way related. Again a puzzling result. Winning and losing had more in common: both resulted in more or less flat trend lines. How about checking out this foursome in the US only?

The results were quite similar to the worldwide graph as far as the relationships between the different pairs went. I guess this showed one more time how the US Googling public is in the driver's seat regarding the rankings, esp. when searching for English words. Next, the UK yielded this graph:

Surprise: winner vs. loser was much more lopsided, and loser had no real peaks. A May-August-December annual peak pattern for winner dissipated in 2007. Hmm... Finally, I looked into Australia:

Here, winner barely edged out loser overall. Also, the loser trend line was the only one of the four with astounding peaks, surpassing all other trend lines.

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