08 September 2008

Rezko vs. Rev. Wright vs. Bridge to Nowhere vs. Keating Five vs. Troopergate

The US presidential race is sure heating up lately. I faced off the five most important scandals or controversies—which is what may depend on your political leanings ;-)

Scale is based on the average worldwide traffic of "bridge to nowhere" in the last 12 months
rezko 1.20
"reverend wright" | "rev. wright" 1.20
"bridge to nowhere" 1.00
"keating 5" | "keating five" 0.80
troopergate 0.20

This graph covers the last 12 months only, four years doesn't really make much sense in this case. Rev. Wright's trend line has two clear peaks: the first media frenzy and then Obama's speech dealing with it. Tony Rezko's trial is also noticable. Toward the very end, the Bridge to Nowhere (Gravina Island Bridge, AK) shoots to the very top.

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