05 September 2008

Harvard University vs. United States Naval Academy vs. University of Idaho vs. University of Southern California vs. Syracuse University

As a sequel to our comparison of the two presidential teams and spouses yesterday, I faced off their alma maters. Luckily, both Michelle and Barack Obama attended the same university (Harvard) so that we don't go over Google Trends' limit of five terms. The other academic institutions are: Syracuse University (Biden), United States Naval Academy (John McCain), University of Idaho (Palin) and University of Southern California (Cindy McCain).

Scale is based on the average worldwide traffic of "university of south... in all years.
"harvard university" 2.88
"united states naval... 0.06
"university of idaho... 0.62
"university of south... 1.00
"syracuse university... 1.46

It's no surprise that Harvard University has the highest Google-popularity, the US Naval Academy on the other hand is lower than I would have expected. Notice that all "civilian" universities see a downward trend.

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  1. Interesting stuff. All the universities seem to go tick up around the mid to late summer: the start of the academic year perhaps?