07 September 2008

Dan Brown vs. John Grisham vs. Mitch Albom vs. Khaled Hosseini vs. Tim LaHaye or Jerry B. Jenkins

Publishers Weekly publishes a weekly bestseller list of novels. At the end of the year, an annual list is computed. I compared the authors who were number one in the years 2000-2007:

Scale is based on the average worldwide traffic of "john grisham" in all years
"dan brown" 3.60
"john grisham" 1.00
"mitch albom" 0.30
"khaled hosseini" 0.20
"tim lahaye" | "jerr..." 0.10

It is even more clear how phenomenal The Da Vinci Code has been. Also, Grisham may not have that kind of peak but is a steady performer (three no. ones!).

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