15 September 2008

The Beatles vs. Pink Floyd vs. The Rolling Stones vs. Led Zeppelin vs. The Beach Boys

I just learnt that Richard Wright, a founding member of the rock band Pink Floyd, passed away. A lot of great bands came out of the '60s—some of which incredibly enough are still more or less active! Anyway, which were the most influential ones? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has an unranked 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll list and I found which rock groups were the best represented:
  1. The Beatles (7 songs)
  2. The Rolling Stones (6 songs)
  3. The Beach Boys (5 songs)
  4. Led Zeppelin (4 songs)
  5. Pink Floyd (3 songs)

So how did they fare in a Google-popularity contest?

Scale is based on the average worldwide traffic of "pink floyd" in all years
beatles 1.70
"pink floyd" 1.00
"rolling stones" 0.75
"led zeppelin" 0.60
"beach boys" 0.20

Yes, you see it correctly: the one band that split up long, long ago while the others are still more or less active, well that band was tops: The Beatles! Here's the Google-popularity ranking:
  1. The Beatles
  2. Pink Floyd
  3. The Rolling Stones
  4. Led Zeppelin
  5. The Beach Boys

Getting back to the occasion of my post, Pink Floyd jumps from last to second place. I think I'm going to listen to Dark Side of the Moon now...

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