09 August 2008

Olympics vs. Tour de France

Let's compare two big international sporting events this time, again with thanks to Google Trends.

Scale is based on the average worldwide traffic of olympics in all years.
olympics 1.00
"tour de france" 0.80

A. Athens Olympics
Chicago Daily Southtown - Aug 24 2004;
B. Turin Winter Olympics: Your 2-minute guide to the Winter Olympics
Tucson Citizen - Feb 10 2006;
C. Winter Olympics
Unison.ie - Feb 13 2006;
D. Mancuso Salvages Olympics for US Women
Glasgow Daily Times - Feb 24 2006;
E. UK's Brown won't attend Olympics opening
Houston Chronicle - Apr 9 2008;
F. A to Z of the Beijing Olympics
24 Hours Vancouver - Aug 8 2008;

Notice the clearly seasonal aspect of the interest in both events: the Tour de France every year in the summer, the Summer Olympics every 4 years and the Winter Olympics ditto but in the winter. Also, there was a lot more interest in the Tour de France internationally, esp. in the US, when Lance Armstrong was still competing...

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