08 August 2008

Obama vs. McCain

Now that the two main candidates for president are known, let's have a look at how they've fared these last four years.

Google Trends yields this graph:

Scale is based on the average worldwide traffic of obama in all years.
obama 1.00
mccain 0.80

A. McCain in command; Obama, Clinton battle
Concord Monitor - Feb 6 2008;
B. Obama, McCain win in Wisconsin
The Herald - Feb 20 2008;
C. Obama thanks Obama
Cape Times (subscription) - Mar 5 2008;
D. Clinton wins in Indiana, Obama wins NC
AZ Central.com - May 7 2008;
E. Obama clinches nomination
Hindu - Jun 4 2008;
F. Obama in Berlin
OpEdNews - Jul 24 2008;

Bottomline: Obama was more often in the press in the past too, this is not just a recent phenomenon.

Update 8-17-08: The Boston Globe has a very interesting comparison of the frequency of specific words on Obama and McCain's blogs, in the form of "word piles":

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