07 August 2008

iPod vs. webcam vs. cell phone

Scale is based on the average worldwide traffic of ipod in all years.
ipod 1.00
webcam 0.58
"cell phone" 0.26

A. Apple unveils Mac mini iPod Shuffle
MLive.com - Jan 12 2005
B. Apple unveils iPod nano; cell phone iPod
Reuters.uk - Sep 8 2005
C. Apple Video iPod
KVOA.com - Oct 12 2005
D. Apple Launches New iPod, iPod nano & iPod shuffle
IT News Online - Sep 13 2006
E. A new iPod accessory
KVIA - Jan 9 2007
F. Apple Unloads New iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Touch
Mobilemag.com - Sep 6 2007

Popularity of the above-mentioned search terms in Google (relative) and Google News (absolute). Notice the peaks during the annual mad buying season of Christmas. The other highs of the iPod are easy to explain: times when new models were introduced. See About Google Trends for an explanation of the methodology.

Source: Google Trends

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