16 August 2008

Banana vs. Strawberry vs. Pear vs. Pineapple vs. Cranberry

Scale is based on the average worldwide traffic of pear in all years.
banana 4.95
strawberry 2.20
pear 1.00
pineapple 0.85
cranberry 0.70

I wanted to compare the common fruits. However, "apple" and "orange" were out because Apple Inc. and the color orange would distort the results too much. So I replaced them by "cranberry" and "strawberry." No big surprise, bananas are the most popular of the group, followed by strawberries. The latter are more seasonal though. Very seasonal then are cranberries as they are associated with esp. Thanksgiving and to a lesser extent with Christmas. I am puzzled by the recent and sudden surge of pineapples: maybe something to do with trade issues?

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